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Lasting sustainable weight loss and optimal health can only be achieved with an equal focus between, nutrition, movement, and healthy thinking so that your actions line up with your beliefs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, conquer cravings and food addictions, achieve better health, move better, feel better, reduce stress or lead a more balanced life, Trilogy programs can help!  

The journey begins with understanding WHY 

Why Weight is an important first step to become aware of the real and oftentimes misunderstood factors that contribute to weight gain.  This myth-busting 90-minute program will enlighten you as to why you are struggling and why you have not succeeded with past attempts. 

You cannot change what you do not understand. 

Some features of the Why Weight Seminar include:

  • Identifying how foods (some touted as healthy) and eating patterns have changed to contribute to eroding health and increasing weight

  • How and why the metabolism changes in response to how we eat, think and move

  • How our thinking patterns set us up for defeat every time.  

Why weight educational workshop for fitness and health

The journey continues with learning HOW to change

The Weight is Over Workshop is a fun, hands-on, how-to day that provides practical tools to address the biggest contributing factors to optimal health and weight. Participants receive practical tools that they practice and take with them to integrate into their daily routine. Learn how to move, eat and, most importantly THINK for success! Some features of the Weight Is Over Workshop:

  • Learn nutrition shortcuts to build a day for success and optimize health, energy, and metabolism

  • Strategies to incorporate metabolism-enhancing movement to take away the pain and build energy

  • Identify and change unhealthy thinking that has historically sabotaged your best intentions and kept you from achieving your optimal you!  

  • Lunch and snack are provided!

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